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Streamline your data management with our secure user-friendly web-based platform.

Improve collaboration and efficiency by sharing data with colleagues and collaborators with a research Data Management Portal

Epidemiology Data Center Web / Media Services has been developing private Data Management Systems / Research Portals for 20+ years.

A custom web-based private data management system or portal can be a valuable asset for research projects of all sizes. It can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data collection, storage, analysis, and collaboration.

For academic research projects, managing data efficiently and securely is not just a necessity but a fundamental requirement.

The system offers seamless collaboration among researchers, regardless of geographical locations. Project members can share insights, discuss findings, and collectively contribute to the project’s success, fostering a collaborative research environment.

The Epidemiology Data Center Research Portal System has been used on many NIH funded projects over the years. Whether your team consists of a few dozen users in one location or hundreds of team members across the country, the EDC Research Portal System can handle the task.

Centralize and organize your research data in one secure location

A Research Portal System plays a pivotal role in keeping project team members on track and ensuring their continuous learning and development through training modules. By centralizing all project-related information, documents, and resources in one secure accessible platform, team members can easily collaborate and stay updated on the progress of their research endeavors.

This real-time accessibility fosters seamless collaboration, allowing team members to coordinate their efforts efficiently. Moreover, the inclusion of training modules within the portal system enhances the team’s skills and knowledge base. These modules can cover a wide array of topics, from project management methodologies to specific technical skills, tailored to the project’s requirements.



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Your research data is too valuable to be scattered across different locations and devices

A private research Data Management Portal can help you bring it all together.

Research projects evolve over time, requiring adaptable solutions that can accommodate changing needs. Our Research Portal Systems are designed with scalability in mind. They can be tailored and expanded to meet the specific requirements of a research project, ensuring that the system grows alongside the project’s demands.

EDC Web/Media Services’ 20 years of experience developing web-based research portal systems has given our team a deep understanding of the needs of academic research projects. With a commitment to innovation and client satisfaction we are pround to have a reputation as specialists in this unique technical field.

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